Croeso i'r Gornel Ddysgwyr!

Y prif bwnc y Wici ydy helpu dysgwyr a phobl infainc. Gyda'r Wici, gallech chi'n gweld Cymraeg 'normal' ac ymarfer eich deall. Defnyddiwch eich Cymraeg i sgwrsio gyda ni ond os ydych chi angen siarad Saesneg, peidiwch â phoeni. Dyn ni'n yma i helpu!

The main point of the Wiki is to help learners and young people. With the Wiki, you can see 'normal' Welsh and practice your understanding. Use your Welsh to chat with us but if you need to speak English, don't worry! We're here to help!

What kind of Welsh do you use?Golygu

Mae'r erthyglau yn defnyddio cymysg o Gymraeg. Byddech chi'n gweld Cymraeg o'r dde a Chymraeg o'r gogledd. Mae'n bwysig iawn i ddeall fod y Wici hwn yn defnyddio treigladau hefyd, ond peidiwch â phoeni. Dydy treigladau ddim yn dychrynllyd!

Cofia: Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg!

The articles use a mixture of Welsh. You'll see Welsh from the south and Welsh from the north. It's very important to understand that this Wiki uses mutations too, but don't worry. Mutations aren't scary!

Remember: Steady tapping breaks the stone! -> This is a good Welsh saying, meaning 'perserverance pays'.

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