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Rhestr a ganlyn ydy rhestr o ymddangosiadau o'r Dalekau.

Teledu Golygu

Doctor Who Golygu

Hen Gyfres 1 Golygu

  • The Daleks

Hen Gyfres 2 Golygu

  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  • The Space Museum
  • The Chase

Hen Gyfres 3 Golygu

  • Mission the Unknown
  • The Daleks' Master Plan

Hen Gyfres 4 Golygu

  • The Power of the Daleks
  • The Evil of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 9 Golygu

  • Day of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 10 Golygu

  • Frontier in Space
  • Planet of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 11 Golygu

  • Death to the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 12 Golygu

  • Genesis of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 17 Golygu

  • Destiny of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 20 Golygu

  • The Five Doctors

Hen Gyfres 21 Golygu

  • Resurrection of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 22 Golygu

  • Revelation of the Daleks

Hen Gyfres 25 Golygu

  • Remembrance of the Daleks

Ffilm Teledu Golygu

Cyfres 1 Golygu

  • Dalek
  • Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

Cyfres 2 Golygu

  • Army of Ghosts / Doomsday

Cyfres 3 Golygu

  • Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks

Cyfres 4 Golygu

  • The Stolen Earth / Journey's End
  • The Waters of Mars

Cyfres 5 Golygu

  • Victory of the Daleks
  • The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang

Cyfres 6 Golygu

  • The Wedding of River Song

Cyfres 7 Golygu

  • Asylum of the Daleks

Episodau Arbennig 2013 Golygu

  • The Day of the Doctor
  • The Time of the Doctor

Episodau bach Golygu

  • The Last Day

Cyfres 8 Golygu

  • Into the Dalek

Gêmau fideo Golygu

  • Dalek Attack
  • Destiny of the Doctors
  • Evacuation Earth
  • Return to Earth
  • Top Trumps: Doctor Who
  • The Mazes of Time
  • The Eternity Clock

Rhyngrwyd Golygu

  • Dalek Break-out
  • Sonic De-Cloaker
  • Monster Match
  • Dalek Supremecy
  • The Doctor and the Dalek

Y Gêmau Antur Golygu

  • City of the Daleks

Webcast Golygu

  • Shada

Prôs Golygu

To be completed.

Storiau Sain Golygu

To be completed

Comigs Golygu

To be completed

Tardisodes Golygu

  • Tardisode 13

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