Storm Warning
Storm Warning cover
Doctor: Wythfed Doctor
Cymdeithion: Charley
Gelyn: Peter Rathbone, Uncreators
Gosodiad: Y R101 tros y Ffrainc, 4-5 Hydref 1930
Prif griw
Cyhoeddwyd gan: Big Finish Productions
Ysgrifennwyd gan: Alan Barnes
Cyfarwyddwyd gan Gary Russell
Miwsig Alastair Lock
Sain Alastair Lock
Manylion rhyddhad
Rhif rhyddhad: 16
Dyddiad darllediad: Ionawr 2001
Fformat: 4 episôd ar 2 CD
Cod Cynnyrch: 8B
Storïau sain Doctor Who Big Finish
Stori blaenorol: The Mutant Phase
Stori canlynol: The Sword of Orion
Y trydydd ar deg stori sain Doctor Who fisol oedd Storm Warning, cynhyrchwyd gan Big Finish Productions. Rhyddhwyd yn Ionawr 2001, roedd y stori sain gyntaf i ddarlunio Paul McGann yn y rôl yr Wythfed Doctor, ei ymddangosiad cyntaf ers y ffilm deledu 1996.

Crynodeb y Cyhoeddwr Golygu

"October1930His Majesty's Airship, the R101, sets off on her maiden voyage to the farthest-flung reaches of the British Empire, carrying the brightest lights of the Imperial fleet. Carrying the hopes and dreams of a breathless nation.

Not to mention a ruthless spy with a top-secret mission, a mysterious passenger who appears nowhere on the crew list, a would-be adventuress destined for the Singapore Hilton... and a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

There's a storm coming. There's something unspeakable —something with wings, crawling across the stern. Thousands of feet high in the blackening sky, the crew of the R101 brace themselves. When the storm breaks, their lives won't be all that's at stake...

The future of the galaxy will be hanging by a thread."

Plot Golygu

I'w hychwanegu

Cast Golygu

Cyfeiriadau Golygu

Y Doctor Golygu

Nodiadau stori Golygu

I'w hychwanegu.

Crysondeb Golygfeydd Golygu

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